Mobile power for Basler and Odroid XU4

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Hi,I'm just getting started with using a Basler ace camera, along with an Odroid XU4.  My project will be capturing images from a moving vehicle using the Pylon SDK which i will then use to identify street furniture using either Halcon, or possibly openCV.  As the set up will be in a car i need power to run both the camera and the XU4.  I could hook up both of these to batteries, but i was wondering if it makes sense to use an inverter plugged into the lighter socket.  The XU4 needs about 20W, so it's not a huge requirement, but i wasn't sure of the requirement for the camera.  I think i probably need an inverter that produces a pure sine wave, but i was looking for suggestions as to what might be appropriate.




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I think here the main problem is the Ampage needed. You might blow the fuse, normally these things can offer 10A to 20A - But don't just replace the fuse with a larger one - the fuse is there to protect the wiring in the car!

The equation is P=V*I

Power for the ODroid board, you say, is 20W. Voltage is 5V.

I=P/V = 20/5 = 4A 

The ace series takes about 3W. Voltage is 12V

I = 3/12 = 0.25A

so you'll need at least 4.25A for the setup. The inverter will also take power. But it might work. Worse case you will blow the fuse.

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