What's in your ARM Farm?

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Just curious, what SBC's do you like and why? I'm always looking to add more to my toolbox.
Here's where I'm at currently:

RPi2 : The classic workhorse. These run my house :).
RPi3 : These are about to start running my house. Always my goto for a quick prototyping of vision projects.
Odroid XU4 : I love the onboard USB3 and gigabit ethernet, I just wish the ethernet was more stable (looking for tips if you've seen similar)
UpBoard : Raspberry Pi killer? Maybe... I love the fact that it's x86, except when I forget and curse it for not running my ARM builds :)
Jetson TK1 DevKit : I'm pretty sure I have to have this to be in the club :). I make serious prototypes on this.
Jetson TX1 DevKit : Might be time to upgrade to the TX2. Thoughts?
Inforce 6309 : SnapDragon 410, industrialized. Need I say more?
Inforce 6640 : SnapDragon 820, industrialized. Ok, I said more :).
Rock64 (coming soon): Another RPi killer? I can't resist...
Nitrogen Boundary 6X : Gotta have an i.MX in there :)
CriticalLink MitySom DevKit : Check out the imaginghub project!
BeagleBone Black : I'm looking for people who've done vision projects with this one. I never really had a lot of luck getting much use out of it...great for my other projects though.
OpenMV Camera : Board level camera with an ARM chip? It's own python-based IDE? Way cool. Just playing with this inspires new project ideas in me...

What's on your desk? :-)

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Hi Matt: I have a Vocore2 Ultimate (CPU MT7628AN, 580 MHz, MIPS 24K) http://vocore.io/v2u.html which boasts 300Mbps wireless, it is pretty cool admittedly not arm. Also have Rock64's (really nice specs but I have had issues with it freezing up on me) Pinebook which I really like) and a Next Thing Co, Pocket Chip https://getchip.com/pages/pocketchip also not arm.


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Hi mattb,

Wow, impressive list.

I have Pi2 and 3... sorry, nothing new for your toolbox ;-)

mattb report abuse

Thanks Juan!

Don't worry, a big toolbox is not necessarily the best one ;-)

They say the "jack of all trades is also the master of none", so I may need your focused expertise one day :-).


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Thanks :-)
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