Front bumper camera for SUV. Ideas?

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So I have a request from my wife. She would like a camera on the front bumper of her car, for similar purposes like the backup camera (to make sure we don't crash into garage walls, etc.).

Of course, I could buy something from Amazon for $20, but that's too easy.

I have a few ideas, but I'd like to get the community's brainstorms as well.

The 'specification' and 'requirements' are pretty much open ended.


Bonus: If anyone knows how to add such a camera to the existing onboard computer system (2014 Chevrolet Traverse), even if it's a hack, I'll give you $50 :-)

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Thanks to the community member who pointed me to this project. Sounds like a good starting point!


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I know you're looking for some develoment fun but just in case your wife is an iPhone user and you do not want to spend too much time with developing here is an alternative:


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Thanks! This is indeed interesting!

It looks to do everything that I want to, but it has a $499 price tag which to me feels simply too large. It is almost asking for someone to do it cheaper or open-source ;-).

The OBDII plug adds some inspiration too. I think they just use this for power, but there are some open-source OBD projects out there that really make use of the technology. If that can be fully integrated with a camera, it would make for a beautiful heads up display...

I'd gladly pay $499 to make my car look like the inside of an F16 ;-)

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