Best OS for r0b0t program1ng?

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I see lotts linux exemples hiere and not many windows. Why?

i dont wnt linx install.


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The question is why you would want to use Windows? Linux, in my view, is the defacto standad operating system in the embedded systems world and even Windows 10 IoT will not have much impact on this situation. Unless you or someone else can tell me more about why it is beneficial to use an Windows OS for embedded system development.

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Hi l33thAxor,

Actually, I think a fair amount of code you'll find on here can run on windows as well. GStreamer and OpenCV for example are available in both linux and windows versions. So once your have them installed, the application code that a user would write should port over fairly easily.

Personally, I love Visual Studio's Intellisense code-completion feature, and I still have yet to find an equivalent of the same quality on linux. So I'm usually starting a project in Windows where I can quickly prototype something, and then when it works, I just copy the code files to my linux target and build it there.

So as a tip, I'd look to use tools that are cross-platform whenever possible. And make use of the std library in lieu of other libraries where possible. There's a lot of good stuff in there, and it's naturally cross-platform.

The nice part is when the vendor has really done a good job in making their platforms. Some days, I'll spend hours on my windows box working on an application, copy over the files, and then the only linux command I use is 'make' ;-)

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