exposure issue of Basler daA1600-60BM camera

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We are using  Basler daA1600-60bm-CS cameras. We would like to check the ability to  control  the Basler camera exposure without delay and for every frame.  I understand that it may take a few grabbed images before setting a new exposure time will become effective in the camera. I want to check once I set the new exposure time, does it  effect immediately or may have some short delay, maybe one or two frames? And can we manually control the exposure for every frame?


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Hi dandan,
Actually to my knowledge there should be no delay. On the next frame it should take effect. Just remember to turn off the auto exposure feature first though (by default it's turned on).

And yes, you can control the exposure time between frames. I would recommend controlling the acquisition with a trigger, and then just send the command to the camera between each trigger.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for your reply. 

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