help me for a start point

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i hope some one can guide me to a start point for an embedded system project 
i want to start a simple project now 

i am working on Ardouino and micro AVR


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Hi EngOmaradel,

what kind of project are you looking for? just an intro in blinking LEDs or something more exciting?

If you want something more excitinig, what kind of things are you looking for?


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Thanks for replying 

It's might be someThing More exciting 
you must heard about SmartHome this is my first project i hope you can understant what iam looking for 
AS example WIFI .. Bluetooth ( but this projects are Advanced right now For me

i 've worked on ardouino and miCr AVR for this bilking Leds and more of the same 
lastest projects was a smart Fan system using heat Sensor (SOrry can't remeber the Number of this Componenet) 

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Havve you seen this on instructables?

sort of beginners guide to smart home and arduino sensors. And here is something similr with Wifi

and here with Bluetooth

if you want to add a camera (which is the subject of this forum) you might need something a bit "larger" than an arduino. Here is something from Adafruit

but you are only streaming the video not analysing it.

To analyse it you'll need something like a Pi.


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i don't know what can i say to you 
Really thank you Very Very much 
i will work on that 
thanks again for your help 

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I have been working on home automation projects since years. Arduino is the easiest controller and also good for learning. To begin with it:

  1. Use a button and a relay to switch a bulb first.

  2. connection with bluetooth module is also easy. HC-05 module is available in the market.

  3. Arduino bluetooth App is available on the play store to make everything easy.

just begin and it will go on.

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