how to get Apple Size ( diameter ) & color using Ni VISION BUILDER

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Hello ,

how can i get the diameter & color of an apple (fruit) using NI VISION BUILDER ..



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Hi tarik-belkhir,

have you already tried these sites:

Maybe that helps...

Cheers, D

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Hi tarik-belkhir,

The links above are a good place to get started with using NI Vision Builder. You can also find an extensive tutorial here: For your specific application, here are some useful functions and built-in examples:

  • The "Max Caliper" function or the "Find Circular Edge" (see screen shots below) can both be used to find the diameter of a circular object. You can see an example of this in "Max Clamp Example.vbai".
  • You can use "Measure Colors" to classify the color of the apple in one of several different color spaces (see screen shot below). You can also reference "Classify Colors Example.vbai" for another way to identify and classify colors.

Figure 2

Hope this helps!



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