The VisionBox LE MANS stands for highest ARM-based computing power for image processing applications. At the VISION show 2016, the first edition of the LE MANS was introduced with an 8-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor and several PCIe slots to support IMAGO’s and 3rd-party imaging boards. Now, IMAGO introduces the LE MANS compact without any extensions but with several useful interfaces: for cameras and network communication the computer offers 2x 10 GBit/s and 4x 1 GBit/s Ethernet interfaces, 8/8 fast digital I/Os and a serial interface. The VisionBox LE MANS can be used for multi-camera applications and single fast camera applications. An example: for traffic control, several camera views on several lanes can be computed by one VisionBox. Or think about multiview 3D imaging: From several camera views one 3D image has to be computed in real-time. In any way, the VisionBox equipped with the latest LS2088 CPU from NXP can be used for all other applications looking for high-end ARM Cortex-A72 computing power. All ARM-based devices will be shown at the EMBEDDED WORLD trade fair in hall 1, booth no. 458.