image processing with robot

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How to process an image using a camera mounted on the robot.Essentially sending controls to robot with ardino using rfid module.

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I am using Matlab for red Ball following robot using arduino UNO and Mega 2560 and RF module transmitter and receiver. I am able to process image in matlab and detect red color. and send command '6' for right moving etc to arduino using serial communication. But on RF receiver side of arduino it is just showing sequence of 0 s and 1 s in serial monitor which I am not able to decode it and control the dc motors of robot. So help me in reciving the data from other arduino using RF 433 MHZ module which can become readable for me.


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I don't understand what you want with RFID and arduinos. Do you mean following RFID tags around like here:

That's kind of University stuff. An arduino can be used for recognising tags held near it:

I found a video of someone who managed to steer robots here:

but unfortunately no details. Maybe you could try contacting him?

normally people construct these things to avoid using a camera. But if you want to find a face the following example shows you how to do this:

then you will just have to "follow" it by moving left or right with your robot. Here is a simple robot based on an arduino:

The arduino itself is not powerful enough to image process and you will have to connect it to a raspberry pi which does the processing.

this is an example of an kickstarter project which puts it all together (without RFID):


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hmmm... not really to do with the camera then. Anyhow here is an interesting tutorial on reading out RF on an arduino, itt may help:

I'm not a Matlab expert. but maybe you can change the receiver C code in the tutorial into Matlab code?


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