How to use Basler cameras on an Nvidia TX1??

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I'm building a machine vision system by using a Basler Camera and a Nvidia TX1. I can’t get the Nvidia TX1 (ubuntu 14.04) system to compile the Camera SDK (pylon5) example code (C++/Grab) 

I guess because pylon5 doesn’t support ARM x64 CPU. (there is an ARM x64 CPU in the TX1 right?)

So how do you guys use the Basler cameras on an Nvidia TX1 ? Can anybody help me with this question?



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Hey BaKell,

It is possible to build and run pylon 5 on the TX1; i use a Basler Ace GigE camera linked up to a Tx1. I downloaded the Basler 'pylon 5 for Linux ARM (hardfloat)' file from the Basler website and then extracted the contents with: 

sudo tar -C /opt -xzf pylonSDK*.tar.gz

I think you might have to set the pylon environment variables aswell, its been awhile since i did it...but check either the README or INSTALL file to see if it provides an clues.

When you try and compile the sample code what error message(s) are you getting??



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Hi BaKell,

pylon is not available in 64bit for ARM. only in 32bit. You can only use it on the Tegra if you install their 32bit version of their OS (L4T).

Classic. Let's hope Basler releases 64bit at some point.


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Basler will release 64bit for ARM soon. Would you like to use developemnt preview?


or follow this instroction to use pylon4Linux ATM 32 on TX1.


ARM 64bit is fully backwards-compatible with binaries built for ARM 32bit, however some needed 32bit libraries have to be manually installed in addition first. In priciple, you can either compile your pylon-based application on the Odroid C2 board or cross-compile it against pylon- on a separate Linux PC. 


To be able to compile the pylon application for 32bit, install the following libraries:


dpkg --add-architecture armhf


apt-get update


apt-get -y install libc6:armhf


apt-get -y install libstdc++6:armhf If you want to compile the application on the Odroid board directly, a 32bit GNU compiler must be installed additionally and the "CXX environment variable" has to be set for the 32bit compiler:  


apt-get -y  install g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf


apt-get -y  install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf For building the sample codes written in C++: export CXX=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-5 or for building the sample codes written in C: export CC=arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-5 Before you call 'make', don’t forget to set the pylon environment variables, e.g.: source /opt/pylon5/bin/ /opt/pylon5


assuming pylon was installed under /opt. Now calling 'make clean & make'  in the sample project directory will create a 32bit application.


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