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Hi! Basler offers the BCAM interface (LVDS) to connect a camera directly to the input interface of a computer board. As I know the cable length can be up to 50cm. Does anyone has an idea in the context of an industrial Dual Core ARM A15 platform? With a small interface one or more BCAM cameras can be connected. The computing power of the ARM A15 is impressive, also Embedded Halcon can be used to speed up the development of applications. Several interfaces can be used to connect the embedded vision system with the world: 1.000 MBit/s Ethernet, digital I/O, as an option Real Time Ethernet Fieldbus. The system solution is forseen for series production and long-term availability.


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Hi Strampe,

A platform based on TI Sitara AM 57xx might be a good choice. It's single or dual core and it has one or more parallel camera interfaces. So it needs a deserializer in addition to convert the serial camera output for the parallel input. BTW: the Basler camera interface is actually called BCON (BCAM was the Basler Firewire SDK 15 year ago or so ;-))

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sorry, it´s BCON and I can´t edit my original text. To connect the BCON LVDS interface to the AM57xx a FPGA is used. For multi camera application maybe the FPGA can already do some pre processing.

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