How many USB3 Cameras on a TX1?

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I have a probably trivial questions. I'm building a system with three Basler Cameras  ( USB 3.0 , 1920 x 1200 , 40fps ) . Will this work on an Jetson Board TX1? Simultaneously?



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Hi WeepingAngel,

TX1 supports the standard USB3 specs. The theoretical USB3.0 speed is 5Gbps(625MB), if there is no other type USB device(Bulk, interrupt) to share bandwidth, USB host can allocate 5Gbps * 90% = 562.5MB for iso transfer.

Here, when the 3 Basler Cameras can capture Images simultaneously - that will require ~ 474MB (3x 1920x1080 x 40fps x 2 B/pixel). Theoretically it should work.


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Attention: In my experience no xHCI Host Controller has a performance that is quite near to the specs.

Good controllers provice bandwidth of about 450 MB/s, other controllers only 250-280 MB/s... don't know exactly the performance of an TX1 Jetson Board (i have only tested the older TK1). Also Ram Speed / Memory / Zero-Copy / Application implementation and other factors can limit the performance...

I don't think 3 Streams with 40fps will work without loosing frames (after some time)...perhaps 2 streams or 3 streams with 25fps...

Please have a look at some test measures:

Regards, Bjoern


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