FPD-LINK III camera with reliable connection & long-distance transmission

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e-con Systems is excited to launch its first FPD-LINK III camera – NeduCAM25. Features like Power over Coax, reliable connection, 15m cable length, and global shutter make this camera ideal for edge AI applications. Support is available now for TI’s SK-TDA4VM & NVIDIA Jetson platforms.

Key Features and Benefits

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FPD-LINK III interface - Uses a shielded coaxial cable with FAKRA connector for reliable transmission of both power and data up to a distance of 15m with low latency.

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Support for multiple processors - Cameras can be easily integrated into a wide variety of edge processing platforms including Texas Instruments SK-TDA4VM, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, and AGX Xavier kits.

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Global Shutter - Captures fast-moving objects without any rolling shutter artifacts. Its ability to take HD images at 120 fps and full HD images at 65 fps reduces motion blur.

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Multi-camera support - Allows connecting multiple camera modules and enables simultaneous synchronized video streaming.

Target Applications

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Agriculture Robots & Vehicles

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

Self-Checkout Systems

Autonomous Vehicles (Tele-operation)

Extensive Customization & Integration Support

e-con Systems with its deep expertise and knowledge in various camera interfaces and embedded vision applications provides necessary customization services and end-to-end integration support for NeduCAM25 to meet your application’s unique requirements.

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