Getting .xml form BCON for MIPI camera.

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Hi everyone,

Due to the discontinuity of BCON for LVDS cameras from Basler. We get a new MIPI camera which supposes to work with genIcam. However, ı can not create any communication with camera. The model of the camera is daa2500-60mci and my platform is a Xilinx zyqnmp us+.

With daa1600-60lc LVDS camera we have got .xml file form the camera by following this article (link) in the form. The topic of the article is "Basler BCON Control Protocol Additional Information" but it is also a little bit specialized for LVDS cameras, I think... BCON for MIPI is also using the same standard genIcam version and GenCP protocol according to the product web page.

However when I try to send a basic read READMEM_CMD command to get response time. I get "CRC check failed" error. . And returned value will be 0x12FF****FF.

This situation is mentioned in document "AW00140501000" , page 5 : < Before issuing a read command, the I2C master must send a valid GenCP command. Otherwise, the device will return a 0xFF value for each requested byte >

I want to ask is there any difference between GenCP in BCON for LVDS and BCON for MIPI, or how can I create the correct GenCP command for BCON for MIPI.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Yasin,

the dart BCON for MIPI setup is completely different compared to the dart BCON for LVDS. The i2c communication is different and not public. The public facing interface is GenTL. How did you connect the BCON for Mipi to the Zynq electrically? (as Mipi is not compatible to lvds). Currently there is no official support for the dart BCON mipi in combination with a zynq. I fear that it will be close to impossible for you to get the dart mipi running on a zynq us+ without the help from Basler.

Please contact Basler support to discuss the situation.

Best regards, Stefan

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Hi Stefan,

We made a custom FFC to FMC adaptor card for use on the zcu104 development boards. I am aware that MIPI and LVDS interfaces are completely different. Xilinx has MIPI IP that handles the MIPI-DSI-2 D-PHY video interface. If Basler did not bend the standard MIPI interface it should be working. I just need to configure the camera over the i2c (GenCP or GenTL+producer) protocol. Am I right? AW00140501000 document GenCP for Basler BCON cameras. The daA2500-60mci is a Basler BCON camera... I was supposed to both BCON cameras use the same generic configuration interface.

Thanks for your help.

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