AR0233AT Full HD GMSL2 Camera for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

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e-con Systems™, a leading embedded camera solutions company announced the launch of NileCAM21_CUXVR, an AR0233AT sensor-based HDR synchronized multi-camera GMSL2 solution with 15m coaxial cable support. This camera comes with a new pixel technology along with LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) feature while maintaining high dynamic range output, limiting the appearance of flicker from LED lighting. Its High Dynamic Range of 140 dB combined with low light capability makes this camera ideal for outdoor applications like high-end surround view systems, agriculture automation, industrial vehicles, robotics, etc.

Features and Benefits: ** **High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Helps to produce stunning images even in outdoor lighting conditions when the target scene has both dark and bright regions.

Large pixel size with High SNR - Helps to produce extraordinarily clear, sharp images even in lowlight with lesser noise. _ Multi-camera synchronization - _Helps to capture frames of all the connected cameras at the same time making it ideal for multi-camera applications like surround view systems.

*LED flickering mitigation (LFM) *- Helps to reduce flickering from LED when pulsed light sources are involved.

*15 meters cable support *- Allows to place a camera 15 meters away from the host processors without any streaming delay.

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