Where can I find an off-the-shelf camera for my biometrics application?

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I was not able to find an off-the-shelf camera. My project is about detecting people to identify emotions, behavior, and anti-spoofing.


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Get customized vision solutions for your biometrics and access control systems!

e-con Systems provides high-quality cameras for access control systems, attendance tracker, law enforcement, and also secured payment transactions for retail.

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With more than a decade of expertise in working with multiple customers on IRIS recognition, we can understand and meet all your border control management requirements. We also optimize our infrared cameras that come with high NIR spectrum response to improve precision and effectiveness of your biometric systems.

Get off-the-shelf camera solutions to quickly create facial recognition, people tracking, employee management, and visitor identification solutions that help to identify emotions, behavior, and anti-spoofing.

To know more about our cameras for biometrics and access control systems, visit: www.e-consystems.com/markets/biometric-and-access-control-cameras.asp

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