Grab one image with full resolution while streaming with low resolution using Pylon API and Basler camera

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1 I am using Basler camera model acA1920-40uc and Pylon API. I want to create an application where user can see a continuous video stream with low resolution on one side, and capture one image with full resolution on the other side in parallel. Left: Video stream with low resolution, Right: Captured image with full resolution

Is there any way to do something like that without having to stop the current grabbing?

With my experience, I can only do one setting of the nodes (e.g width and height). If I want to change one node setting, I have to stop the current grabbing.




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@nhungpham Hi, there are two two possible ways to change ROI: 1) you stop grabbing in order to deallocate ressources first and allow for ROI changing then. This obviously takes some time for stopping, sending software commands for changing width and height, and starting image acquisition again. 2) you use the camera sequencer feature that allows changing ROI "on the fly". If the sequencer solves your issue, is something you have to find out yourself. For more information on sequencer, check out the Basler product documentation under:


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