Can Pi-Hole block ads on YouTube?

lleycqfw report abuse

Can Pi-Hole block ads on YouTube?


Targo_ report abuse

Some of them yes, and some of them no. And there are some ads that you can block with Pi-Hole but it’s a tricky task.

lleycqfw report abuse

Thank you! I am thinking about setting up one, but of all the sites with ads, I visit YouTube the most. So if Pi-Hole doesn't work with it, it won't be a very good choice for me.

Kollin_58 report abuse

Pi-Hole blocks ads at the DNS level, and there are some blocklists on the internet that allow you to block most of the ads. But it will never be 100%, and some blocklists can block videos as well.

ahykeefv report abuse

Thanks! Maybe I should try.

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