Robot on legs

fydmjgqk report abuse

I would like to build a robot (with Raspberry Pi I think) but I don’t want to put it on wheels. I prefer to make him legs that can walk. What are the best practices to do so?


OlesB report abuse

Do you want a humanoid robot with two legs or smth like quadruped robot would be fine?

fydmjgqk report abuse

I don’t know, if quadruped one is much easier it would be good. As I understand it is.

OlesB report abuse

Yes, keeping balance on two legs is a very difficult task for a robot. Whereas for four or more legs, there are many simple and good solutions. Look at this funny quadrupeds: on Raspberry and on Arduino Or a hexapod

fydmjgqk report abuse

@OlesB Thank you, I’ll research on this.

sasha_sasha report abuse

If you are a beginner I recommend using some of the hexagon robot kits. Like Adeept RaspClaws Hexapod Spider Robot, Robo-Soul CR-6 Hexapod Six-legged Spider Robot or Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit.

fydmjgqk report abuse

@sasha_sasha Thank you!

a-bode report abuse

Cool projects. Thank you for the tipps, interesting for my project as well :)

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