How can I use Python for developing for Android?

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We are the team developing robotics and IoT software. For one of our projects, we need to create an app for Android which will allow controlling the IoT device. We are all Python developers and never worked with mobile apps. Nevertheless, we know that there is an implementation of Python for Java platforms - Jython. Is there a framework or some other way how we can develop Android apps using Python?


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I know about so-called Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A). It allows executing code on scripting languages like Python, JavaScript, Perl, etc. on Android. Here is the link to its Github repository -

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Another option (probably the best, as I know) is Kivy - . It is a Python library that allows you to develop applications for different platforms, including Android. Kivy supports touch screens and many other things specific for mobile devices.

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Thanks everybody, I think Kivy is exactly what we need. Will learn this library.

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