Changing the field in the Django form after submit

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Hi! I want to change the value of the form field in Django after the user submits the form. But when I try to do this in the view, I am getting the error that the request.POST object is not mutable. Is it possible to do what I want?


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Yes, you can't change the field of the request.POST object. I don't know why Django developers made this object immutable. But I don't also know why do you want to change this field. Maybe the final result could be achieved using another way?

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I want to make some computations using other fields' values. Namely, I need to take the text entered in another field, send it to external API, then update the special field of the submitted form using the response from API.

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And what is further? What is the purpose of the form?

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This is the model form. So, I need to create a new record in the database table.

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Then you probably can create an object representing the record in the table, but don't commit it. Something like:

new_obj =

Then update the attribute of the new_obj:

new_obj.target_attribute = 'new_value_from_api'

And then save the updated object into the database:

This should work.

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Thank you @ChioL very much! It is exactly what I wanted to do!

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