PyPylon - change gain/exposure on Basler camera while grabbing

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Hello, I'm looking for advice (and hopefully sample Python code) on how to initiate pylon 'start grabbing' to send image btyes to a Flask server (for web UI live video) while still being able to execute other pylon functions to change the exposure and gain while still streaming. Additionally, I need to be able to execute a function to grab an image from the stream while also streaming.

So far, I am able to start the stream and view the video in the browser and grab frames from that stream, but attempting to change settings is throwing an error: "Failed to open device '2676:ba03:20:13:23' for XML file download. Error: 'Device is exclusively opened by another client.' : RuntimeException thrown (file 'PylonUsbTL.cpp', line 474)"

Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Eric-

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