Help to get Live Stream from an Industrial Camera

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few days before I posted a query to get a live stream from an industrial camera which is of baumer company. Someone replied to ask to respected company for code so I asked and got the code. Code:

import sys import neoapi result = 0 try: camera = neoapi.Cam() camera.Connect() camera.f.ExposureTime.Set(10000) image = camera.GetImage() image.Save("getting_started.bmp") except (neoapi.Exception, Exception) as exc: print('error: ', exc.GetDescription()) result = 1 sys.exit(result)

Now here the module neoapi is incomplete it almost shown numbers of file not found.

I am using pycharm community version and python version is 3.7.

Now I need help if there is another package which is stronger or equal to this neoapi module which is used to get live stream or image or is their some better page, from where i can download the completed version of neoapi Note: Already used opencv ant matplot

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