Help to get Live Stream from an Industrial Camera

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Hey everyone I am using an Industrial Camera using python. But I am unable to connect it and when same code when I am running for webcam then it works. The camera is usb connection camera and I using opencv library. What should I do?


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Hi satyam-sharma, I think the best thing to do is contact the company who makes the industrial camera and ask them directly. Many industrial vendors follow standards, but these are mainly only on the camera hardware side (e.g. USB3Vision dictates how industrial camera shall use USB3, and GenICam dictates how on-board features shall be organized and named). What you need to know are the possible ways that software can talk to their drivers. This is entirely dependent on what the vendor wants to offer. For example, if your software accesses the webcam through the UVC or DirectShow protocols, then the question to the industrial vendor is whether or not their drivers also offer the same capability. A caveat though, most consumer-type things (hardware and software) aren't used in industrial things because they are not robust enough, so chances are that you will have to do something different to use the industrial camera than you are doing to use the webcam.

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