Chess algorithm for weak CPU

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Hi forum!

I am looking for a simple chess algorithm that will work on my 256MHz Intel CPU. I heard that MiniMax can, maybe, solve my problem. Are there some other different algorithms that can work on low CPUs? Also, I am curious, what did old computers use for solving a chess problem? Thanks.


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Hello @PavliNa

... I don't recommend using Minimax algorithm on a low PC. This is a brute force algo. It will easily bring a CPU to it's limit if the search horizon is set to 8 moves and more into the future. To reduce the CPU consumption to a minimum a chess simulator needs to be realized first. If a chess simulator was written and well tested, it make sense to build on top of the model a solver which can be a normal MCTS one who is traversing a bit in the game tree and recognizes unintentionally the winning move.

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