Starting with Augmented Reality - list of links where you can start!

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When I started with Augemented Realtiy, I was looking for some easy to learn and use tools which will afford me to quickly create something very simple related to AR… to get a basic sense of what is the AR development and also simplify my learning process because this is a real practice and real experience. So I started with research and testing. The range of different frameworks and SDKs for AR have appeared recently. You can try to google them.

I would like to share a couple of links where you can start. Perhaps it will help.

  1. ARIS - Platform for building AR interactive games, contests, stores, etc -
  2. AR.js - this tool allows you to embed AR features directly into HTML code of your web applications -
  3. ARKit - augmented reality framework for iOS from Apple -
  4. ARCore - augmented reality framework for Android from Google -
  5. Vuforia - augmented reality for the industries -
  6. Spark AR Studio - AR development platform from Facebook -
  7. Wikitude - one of the most popular SDKs for AR -
  8. DroidAR - open-sourced AR framework for Android -

Also explore OpenCV, which can be used to perform some AR-related tasks very often.

For beginners starting research from some of the open-sourced tools should be a good idea. And try to search for the needed SDKs, there are a lot of them nowadays.

This is not a complete list - just my personal starting point. Do you know other frameworks or have other tips?

Cheers from my side ;-)

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Cool list


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Hi @famacam Thank you for sharing your list with the community.

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