Starting with Augmented Reality - list of links where you can start!

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When I started with Augemented Realtiy, I was looking for some easy to learn and use tools which will afford me to quickly create something very simple related to AR… to get a basic sense of what is the AR development and also simplify my learning process because this is a real practice and real experience. So I started with research and testing. The range of different frameworks and SDKs for AR have appeared recently. You can try to google them.

I would like to share a couple of links where you can start. Perhaps it will help.

  1. ARIS - Platform for building AR interactive games, contests, stores, etc -
  2. AR.js - this tool allows you to embed AR features directly into HTML code of your web applications -
  3. ARKit - augmented reality framework for iOS from Apple -
  4. ARCore - augmented reality framework for Android from Google -
  5. Vuforia - augmented reality for the industries -
  6. Spark AR Studio - AR development platform from Facebook -
  7. Wikitude - one of the most popular SDKs for AR -
  8. DroidAR - open-sourced AR framework for Android -

Also explore OpenCV, which can be used to perform some AR-related tasks very often.

For beginners starting research from some of the open-sourced tools should be a good idea. And try to search for the needed SDKs, there are a lot of them nowadays.

This is not a complete list - just my personal starting point. Do you know other frameworks or have other tips?

Cheers from my side ;-)

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Cool list


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Hi @famacam Thank you for sharing your list with the community.

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Spark AR for Instagram – introduction and the ultimate guide to use! The future of Instagram can be an interesting, filtered experience, and Spark AR Studio can merge the important world with technology and art. Facebook Spark AR Studio allows anyone to create augmented reality filters and effects for Instagram Stories.

Augmented reality or AR does not seem to apply to your lifestyle, but are you aware that 1 billion people experienced Spark AR last year? This is about many elderly people who use AR and Instagram filters.

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Interesting, also the update. Thanks for sharing :)

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Do you know some interesting books?

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