Controllable autofocus lenses

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Dear community, I am building a microscope and one of the crucial steps for it to work is to focus an image onto a camera. However, I am failing at finding lenses with a controllable focus.

DSLR lenses have built-in motors that allow them to auto-focus, however I was unsuccessful at finding documentation about how to control them (I don't care about autofocus, I just want to be able to control the focus from a computer). Cheap cameras, like the Google Coral Camera have autofocus capabilities, but they are bad lenses coupled to cheap cameras.

Does anybody have experience with focusing lenses that can be controlled from a PC? Either directly through USB or through some intermediate electronics (arduino-like).


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There is some information on the Internet which probably may be helpful for you. For example, here they describe the peculiarities of controlling DSLR via USB connection: Also, there are a lot of online shops which propose devices for remote control of DSLR. Maybe you will find something useful by surfing their websites. You can start here:

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Thanks for the answer! However, controlling the camera through the USB is not useful for me, since I won't have a DSLR camera at all. I was looking for a simpler approach.

The varizoom, for example, is a wheel attached to the focusing/zooming ring of a lens. This is also not what I'm looking for, since the majority of lenses has built-in motors for focusing. The B&H looks very similar to that solution.

The Aperture DEC looks like they've managed to reverse-engineer the focusing of the lenses, but couldn't find any information.

This Project allows to communicate with Nikkor AF-S lenses, but I couldn't find any documentation on which commands are available.

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