How Can I Make an Augmented Reality Android App?

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At present the augmented technology upgrade real world adding the layer of digital data to it. The AR doesn’t create artificial surrounding around the user to update the real world with a virtual one it makes use of the straight view of the existing environment as well as the fuses it with most sound, videos, graphics or GPS data. Hence you have to make an augmented reality application, first of all, you just need to choose the image which you want to have the augment and then choose an image which you want and also pick the audio file which associate with right images. Here you can get worthier ideas about augmented from this

On complete choosing the audio files, then you record the voice and make use of it. Then you must assemble all picture and audio files which support to start. Then you have to open browser and head to my multimedia world. Now enter usernames, email which required for. Then confirm all your account via verification mail. If you have already account in it, then log in with the respective username and passwords, then choose the Create button from the option given over the top.

Choose augmented books option from them and you can views a list of the book that has been created by the other user. When you click my book option them you can find out the empty up to you have not made any sort of the books yet. Note that it is not for long just select and add the book from the part of the menu.

Then you can select the option of the share the book with the other and share in winning way. Once you completed, then you have to start adding the image as well as the audio files so you have to click on the Add book to proceed. In the next page, you can find out the details which entered in the existing page and just scroll to the bottom to Add new book images in a fine manner.

Now you have to browse and choose the right image to submit. Once you completed just add wish sound files and it can make use in the part of the final augmented reality apps. Then you must export our augmented book to phone and head back to the My multimedia world. From the part of the right top corner, you have to choose Binaries in part of the software section. Now download the ARAF browser by scanning the code of the QR and click an android button.

Then click to download ARAF and install respective with the same procedure on your Smartphone. Then you can go back to your edit page and choose to save augment book and scan the QR code again to download the augment books in a fine manner. Browser to download the file in the phone and click on it to open with the ARAF browser installed, now focus your camera to the images which uploaded in the part of the AR book. Then you have to notice the sound which is playing. Finally, you just finished building your augmented reality apps in a winning way.


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