How do autonomous driving cars work?

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Hi! I am a student and I'm interested in self-driving technologies. Especially autonomous cars. But I couldn't find an explanation of an algorithm they are using to detect things and drive passing them. My guess is CNN with some sort of time series, but that is used only to detect things. Can you describe what combination of algorithms is used in self-driving cars?


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Hi erikpal,

Autonomous cars have these features:

  • Radar sensors dotted around the car monitor the position of vehicles nearby
  • Video cameras detect traffic lights, read road signs and keep track of other vehicles, while also looking out for pedestrians and other obstacles
  • Lidar sensors help to detect the edges of roads and identify lane markings by bouncing pulses of light off the car’s surroundings

You can also find valuable content about autonomous vehicle on the following page on the Imaginghub, where we summarize information tagged with that topic:


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