How can I prevent Alexa from reacting to a TV voice?

Mike1191 report abuse

How can I stop Alexa from ordering something, for example, if an ad on TV or another person says "Alexa order me..."? Is there a way how I can make Alexa reacting only to my voice?


communitymanager report abuse

You're not alone with this kind of "problem". We've heard from other users that it doesn't necessarily help to change the wake word. Because it's been suggested pretty often. Maybe you can try to use an imaginary word that doesn't really exist, so Alexa can't react to it. And what you should definitely do: Set up a code to place orders.

Lu-at-Imaginghub report abuse

Hey @Mike1191

I guess that you can change in settings to make Alexa recognize only your voice. In that way, it will not be reacting to other voices on TV. Perhaps you can try this ;-)

Best Lu.

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