How to implement my new control algorithm for a drone

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I am working on a drone design based on tri-rotor. The difference between this design and a tri-rotor is that it has an extra propeller in order to generate additional thrust. That's why I cannot use the open-source autopilot ArduPilot anymore. I have prototyped a control algorithm on MATLAB/Simulink but I don't know how to implement it on the drone. How should I do that? Should I modify the source code of ArduPilot, or it can be easier to start all of this from scratch?


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I need your help in choosing a drone. I have learned to fly a little with Eachine E58, and now I want something more powerful. I like to make not only post-production video but also to create a video. Drone shooted video always fascinated me. Therefore, I want to buy a drone with proper stabilization. The camera is not necessary, there is a GoPro feature. The main thing is the possibility to plug in the camera. My searches brought me to a list of best drones under $200. What can you suggest out of this list? What drone is the best to choose?

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