Tips / Recommendations for a beginner in python?

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I deal with python and would call myself a beginner. What next steps and books can I use to deepen my python knowledge in order to become an intermediate user?



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Thanks for your question. We don't have a book recommendation, but do you already found Imaginghub's topics? There is even a separate area to the python theme: Here you can find a lot about python, from forum discussions on python to python projects to python blog posts. We hope this will help to deepen your knowledge

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Hi Tokan3,

If you are beginner already then there are 2 main ways you can go, let's call them practical and theoretical. The first one includes writing python scripts. Think about the idea of what is interesting for you to create with the help of programming language. Use Python to develop the corresponding solution. It will be difficult because as you are a beginner, but you can Google answers "on the fly". What you will do on your theoretical way of improving Python will help you in your practical way. The theoretical way includes reading books, tutorials, documentation, examples of code, etc. For example, you can read the book "Learning Python" By Mark Lutz - it is considered as one of the best books for learning Python from the beginners level to middle or even advanced. Also, I would advise you to understand in what field you want to develop your skills (for example, web development, data science, game development, etc.) and start to learn Python libraries (packages) and other related tools which are used in the chosen field. For example, if you want to work as a web developer, maybe it would be important to learn Flask or Django frameworks.

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