how to build a project management system

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On Python, can someone help me with tips on how to build a system that takes the task of project assignment in a university. From the Head of department, down to the supervisor and finally to the student who now write proposal and send back to the supervisor for approval.


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Recently wrote and noticed useful points for Project Management system: A project plan is essentially the roadmap for your project and should contain detailed information about the project’s approved scope, cost, and schedule. To review your progress, ask these questions:

Are tasks being completed effectively? Are the original deadlines still realistic compared to how fast work is progressing? If not, are there tasks that should have more focus put on them? Do you still have the right resources necessary to complete the project? It is important to review progress regularly using updates and feedback from your team. Make this a priority during team meetings so that you’re able to address issues as they arise and adjust the plan if required.

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