Connecting to I/O devices using router with OpenVPN

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I have a few I/O remote devices that connect to the router, which use OpenVPN to give access to the internet. VPN connection is fine, but I cannot access I/O devices through public IP-address.

Any advice on how to solve this problem? I use AWS OpenVPN server, and the router is an ASUS RT-AC51U.



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Hi Tinkerberg,

do you have checked Firewall settings on the router?


expert-expertovich report abuse __ edited

Currently I live and work in Germany. That is why the international settings are determined automatically and foreign licensing restrictions and prices are applied. Could you advise good datacenter proxies for an anonymous connection and with high-quality encryption, I am not going to do anything illegal. I am lazy to raise my virtual service, I think to contact this provider. There must be a ready-made solution)

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