LiDAR object detection

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I'm trying to learn object detection along with LiDAR technology, and I've found dataset repo I'm new to object detection and classification, but it looks promising, especially with the emergence of self-driving cars. Can you give me a starting point for LiDAR object classification?


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Hey AnJoel,

I am not sure, perhaps that could be interesting for you:

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LiDAR technology indeed can be used for object classification. In the same time, it is somewhat unusual compared to other existing methods of objects classification. As in many other areas of Computer Vision the deep neural networks are also used here. They work with signals caught by the appliance. The signals are the reflections of the lights from the objects. This means that you should have a good understanding of neural networks, especially convolutional neural networks as they are used in CV quite often. Also, you should be familiar with the basic image processing techniques. After that, try to search for some materials which describe the peculiarities of the LiDAR approach to object classification.

I think you can get interesting information there: - or here -

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The blog article is cool. I already had found the books you mentioned @Marjo3d . Interesting stuff.

Thank you.

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