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Living in a smart world – make your life more connected

Share your Smart Life solutions and take part in our new project contest in cooperation with UP to win great cash prizes!

Contest Brief

Do you remember last years’ smart home contest? This year, we want to go even further. It is now time to make your life even smarter. Your project could be anything from a simple smart work or smart office application to a more complex smart city solution making our lives more connected and therefore easier.

Do you want your coffee machine to start automatically as soon as your cup is empty? Or do you want to be notified, when there is a free parking space near you? All ideas are possible, all ideas are welcome!

We have one condition, though: Your project has to involve computer vision at one point in the system design.  Apart from that, you are free to use any sort of sensor, processing or software technology that lets you realize your idea.

Here are some examples for project ideas:

  • Coffee level sensor
  • Parking lot detection
  • Smart Street lights
  • Trash bin monitoring
  • Home Security System


This project contest has three phases.

Phase 1: Send us your ideas until September, 30 2018. The Imaginghub team will then choose the 10 most exciting ideas to move forward to phase 2. If your idea is among them, we will send you an UP Embedded Vision Starter Kit to turn your idea into a real project. You may also check www.up-board.org  to get more inspiration.

Phase 2: Start building your project! Once you received the hardware, you can start building your application. Log in to the Imaginghub website, create a project and document your development journey. Your smart life solution should be finished by November 30,  2018.

If you like, you can also add images or videos of your project and its development process to present your solution.

Phase 3: After the end of phase 2, the jury, consisting of members of both the Imaginghub & UP team, will choose the winners.

The following aspects are part of our ranking process:

1. Innovation and novelty level: How innovative is your solution? Has it been done before?

2. Level of creativity: How creative is your way of solving a given problem?

3. Design and performance: Is your application running stable? How clean is your code?

4. The project's feasibility: Is it possible to actually build the solution?

5. Project demonstration and completeness of documentation: Has the project been completely documented towards the final result?


Winners will be announced by: December 10, 2018


Speaking of winners, what's there to win, anyway? Imaginghub turns two and we want to celebrate our birthday with you! This is why you can win these amazing cash prizes:

  • 1st prize: $1000
  • 2nd prize: $500
  • 3rd prize: $200


Are you ready to get started? Click on the button at the top of this page and send us your idea!


This contest is sponsored by UP Logo small


The following terms of participation apply:

  1. Participation is voluntary, free and not dependent on any purchase of goods or use of services.
  2. Eligibility is limited to persons 18 years and older.
  3. Employees of Basler AG, AAEON Technology Europe B.V. and its corporate group as well as their immediate family are excluded from participation.
  4. Each participant may only enter the contest one time. If multiple entries are submitted, only the first will be accepted.
  5. We reserve the right to exclude participants from the contest at any time for justifiable reasons.
  6. We reserve the right to make changes or additions to the procedure or eligibility requirements for participation, or to cancel the contest entirely.
  7. Winners will be notified via email. For this reason it is crucial that accurate information is provided. The username and ranking will be published on our website.
  8. All data provided to the website will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy
  9. If the winner does not contact the company within 4 weeks of notification of winning the contest, or if provided contact data is inaccurate, then the entrants right to the prize expires and a replacement winner will be chosen at random.
  10. No cash payout, exchanges or transferring of the prize to other persons is permitted.
  11. We assume no liability for faulty transport and/or loss of data or for issues related to provision of the winning prize.
  12. In entering the contest, the entrant accepts these terms and conditions in full.
  13. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Judges’ decisions are final.

How it works

  • Join the community
    Sign up or log in on Imaginghub
  • Submit your idea
    You’d like to apply for the contest? Click on "Participate now" and send us your project idea.
  • Selection of participants
    A panel made of Imaginghub team members will choose the entries that move forward to the next round.
  • Build your project
    Start your project with the hardware provided and publish the result on the Imaginghub.
  • Announcing the winners
    A panel of Imaginghub team members evaluates the participating projects and decides the winners.
  • Winners
    Let’s see who won! We will announce the winners on the contest page.

Submitted Projects

Project details

ANPR/ALPR on the UP Embedded Vision Starter kit

While there's nothing new about Automatic Number Plate Recognition it has long been restricted...
Project details

Who made the mess?

Office kitchens are not always the nicest places. It only takes one person to leave a cup in the...
Project details


Reflekt aims to use simple camera will take photos of a user’s body every day, and algorithms...
Project details

Trash Classifier: Let's be Waste Conscious

Save the world by recycling waste. Waste Management and Segregation are essential to every...
Project details

Know Your Pills: A Pill Shape Classifier

Pill Shape Classifier can be used in industrial belts to help classify pills on their shapes....
Project details

Smart Life - Monitoring parking lots

This project aims to monitor a parking lot with computer vision and provide a mobile phone based...
Project details

Early detection of leakages

In buildings, leakages are noticed late, either due to furniture blocking the view or that...


surendra-dhote report abuse
Excellent piece of blog.
famacam report abuse
Cool. Hope to have a chance to win
Tommy report abuse __ edited
Hey @communitymanager, a project idea like a coffee level sensor (you mention that in the article) is ok as well? I am just asking because I am thinking of very "fancy" ideas. But I think I can not build them with the provided hardware.
communitymanager report abuse
Hey @Tommy for sure! Smaller and also funny ideas are really welcome! Remember, in phase two, the projects will be built.
anirudh-s report abuse
Hey @communitymanager , will the list of entrants selected for the next round be disclosed to the community or is it confidential ?
communitymanager report abuse
Hey there! No, the list is not confidential at all. As soon as the contestants have created their projects, they will be linked to the contest blog entry. However, it depends a bit on the contestants when they will create their project and if they will make it public right from the beginning.
sharad-garg report abuse
Hi @communitymanager , can you display the list of selected.I have received the mail for entry to phase2.
communitymanager report abuse
Hi @sharad-garg, yes we will and congratulations again to be one of the lucky ones who moved forward to the next round. As stated before the contestants first need to create their projects. Afterwards we will link them to the contest page. However, it depends on the contestants themselves when they would like to start. Since you are one of the chosen ones, it's also up to you when you want to see your own project on the contest page. And don't be afraid of sharing too much. If you ceate a private project first, others will only see the short decription but no further details. You can then switch to a public project shortly before the implementation phase ends.
sharad-garg report abuse __ edited
Hi @communitymanager , I received a shipment which I had to reject as they were demanding money for the shipment.I am not financially sound enough to pay for it .
communitymanager report abuse
Hi @sharad-garg, thanks for sharing this problem with us. Normally, the hardware should come free of any charge. We'll take care of this and send you an update soon.
communitymanager report abuse
Please have a look at our forum: Here you can find new discussion about the topic "connected world"!
heshanfer report abuse
Is this contest still open ?
communitymanager report abuse
Hi @heshanfer so sorry, but the submission phase is alraedy closed. If you have a nice idea, please use our project area to present it. If you have questions and look for support, you can also use our forum. We're looking forward to learn more about your project!
heshanfer report abuse
@communitymanager thank you for quick response. sure, I will do :)
sharad-garg report abuse
@communitymanager thanks for all support.
soham report abuse
hey @communitymanager I have created a project and I also sent an email that I want to have my project in this contest. But I still cannot see my project on this page. Can you please help out? My project link is https://imaginghub.com/projects/397-trash-classifier-let-s-be-waste-conscious and it's title is Trash Classifier: Let's be Waste Conscious
Imaginghub report abuse
Hello @soham and thank you for your submission. Your submitted project is now assigned to the contest.
archana report abuse
Hi can you please submit my project "Know your pills: A Pill Shape Classifier" https://imaginghub.com/projects/400-know-your-pills-a-pill-shape-classifier to the contest as well @communitymanager ?
twenty_twenty report abuse
My project is also available: Smart Life - Monitoring parking lots
Imaginghub report abuse
@archana @twenty_twenty Thank you, your submitted projects are now assigned.
archana report abuse
Thanks a lot @communitymanager!
Imaginghub report abuse __ edited
Thank you for submitting your exciting projects. Who will win the prizes? Winners will be announced next week. Stay tuned… ;-)
soham report abuse
Hey @communitymanager is it ok if we add collaborators to our submissions?
communitymanager report abuse
Hi @soham Thanks for your question. Of course, just do it: Invite them to become Imaginghub users, if they are not yet, add them to your project and honor your team this way.
Imaginghub report abuse __ edited
Today is the day ;-) participants will be informed soon by email and the results will be published here... so stay tuned.
soham report abuse
hey @communitymanager What is the procedure for claiming my reward? Do I have to email someone?
Imaginghub report abuse
@soham Hello Soham. Did you receive our email with the information? We have resent it to your email address.
soham report abuse
@Imaginghub Thank You! I have received the email and I have replied to it.

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