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Embedded system design ideas. Compatible components. Community support. Experienced project partners. In other words: everything you are looking for when working on a challenging embedded project. Imaginghub. Get Vision on Board.

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Watch our video and find out how the Imaginghub can help you to design an embedded vision system:


Why Imaginghub?  

Developing an embedded vision system can be somewhat tricky. Even though you might have collected sufficient expertise in standard vision or embedded technology, you might feel overwhelmed by the countless possibilities embedded vision projects can offer, but you might also wonder how all these bits and pieces will fall into place precisely where you want them to – in your specific embedded project.

Imaginghub provides help right from the beginning. Whether you are looking for similar projects or reference designs, companies with suitable hardware and software components, or even partners who can help with integration – it’s all there at your fingertip. Imaginghub is a community portal that provides everything to get your challenging embedded vision project going.

Start your project in the Projects area. Describe and document your ideas, create a task list, invite other users to discuss your plans and share their experiences. Link your Imaginghub project to a Github repository to see updates on the development progress.
Find or post your own projects that might help other users – tutorials, reference designs, or your self-made application. “Participation wanted” signals other users that they are welcome to take part and play an active role in your project.

The Partners area is the source where to look for companies specializing in various fields of expertise such as hardware, software or integration services. The partner gallery shows all participating component manufacturers, software suppliers, and system integrators at one glance. As much as you might benefit from their expertise, they in turn will appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with you and gather knowledge from the community.

The “Forums” area gives you plenty of space to promote your projects and get questions answered. It’s the place where everyone meets, where you can discuss technology trends and exchange your views on embedded vision related topics with other users.

We believe that there is no need to waste precious time with an internet search that might only yield doubtful results. Imaginghub provides everything in one place embedded vision developers need to get their project going.

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Anvitha report abuse
Can this be helpful for students like me with less knowledge since i'm 2nd b.tech and much interested in doing projects and learning new things.
sesha-sankar report abuse
is python language is essential for rasberry pi??
Imaginghub report abuse
Hi sesha-sankar, we would recommend to pose your question in our forum. Then it's much more likely that you get an answer and help from other members.
WeepingAngel report abuse
python is not essential. you can use in principle any language.

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