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About Imaginghub

Imaginghub is an online community portal for engineers, software developers, and professional makers interested in embedded vision and possible applications, ranging from beginner to professional level. Imaginghub has been launched and is powered by Basler AG.

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About Embedded Vision

Embedded vision describes the current trend towards combining embedded design and vision technology. However, there are many different ways to define an “embedded” system, depending on how you look at it. To start, “embedded” means that individual modules can be bundled within the interior of a device. Integrating a vision component (usually a board level camera) into such a system defines it as an “embedded vision system”.

The embedded approach allows compact high-performance solutions with an excellent price/performance ratio. As a result, embedded technology is finding its way into more and more applications, including applications that require a vision component.

These applications, originating from a variety of markets such as factory automation, medical & life sciences, microscopy, retail, and traffic & transportation, may seem very different, but they all pose the same challenge: integrating a camera into an embedded system, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. This is where Imaginghub comes into play: As a community portal, Imaginghub aims to facilitate mutual exchange of design experiences and thus reduce integration efforts on the way to cost-effective embedded vision solutions.

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