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Face Detection on Advantech AIIS-1200P and most x64 Windows systems

This guide shows you how easy it is to create a face-detection programm on a x64 Windows machine like Advantech's AIIS-1200P

From Zero to Python OpenCV 3 on Windows x64

This guide will get you all set up for Python-based image processing on any x64 mashine!


This project mostly was created within a one day Hackathon with the aim to create an autofocus lense on a Basler dart camera controlled by an Raspberry Pi.

QR Code reading with HALCON Embedded on a Raspberry Pi 3

In this proof of concept, we want to show you how to easily integrate a QR code reader on an embedded device using HALCON and HDevEngine.

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"SetRTThreadPriority failed" error on Linux

When running my application (with pylon) on Linux, I get the following error message and I am not sure how ... read more

Error: "Failed to submit transfer status=0xe2100001"?

Hi community, I hope, someone can help me. What does the USB3.0 error "Failed to submit transfer status=0x... read more

Saving camera setting of Basler Gige Camera

I am using Basler Ace Series Gige Camera (acA4600-7gc). I also want to store settings of hardisk. Is the... read more

1 Watt LED dimmer with Shaft potentiometer

Hello All, i just joined this community. I want to design a circuit that can take 3-5V input Dc from bat... read more

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JADAK is a market leading supplier of machine vision technologies to device manufactures in the Healthcare, Self-Service and Financial markets. Utilizing Clarity, JADAK’s powerful GUI based machine vision software package, JADAK makes machine vision applications easier to implement. In addition to a deep product offering, JADAK provides engineering services with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 manufacturing capabilities. Utilizing a systems approach to reduce parts, improve designs and add value, JADAK provides device manufacturers one-stop shopping for embedded machine vision projects.


Wotscom GmbH is a system integrator and coordinator for the development and production of Smart-Home Security Systems, Security Cameras and for Internet of Things or Industry 4. Health Care products products including Software-Development and Hardware.


AAEON is a designer and manufacturer of industrial and embedded computing platforms and provides integrated solutions, hardware and services for OEM/ODMs and system integrators worldwide and the manufacturer oft the Intel based up board.

SILVER ATENA Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH

The core competencies of SILVER ATENA cover the entire development lifecycle of safety-critical systems, including systems engineering, hardware engineering, software engineering, and safety and security engineering. Across different branches, SILVER ATENA has gained long-term experience in certification engineering.

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